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Off-gas compressors for Azerbaijan.


To transport off‑gas for the Azerbaijani state oil company, Eltacon supplies a series of six (6) gas booster compressor packages. The units are designed, manufactured and tested in The Netherlands.


Near Baku in Azerbaijan, the state oil company has multiple oil rigs in the Caspian Sea.

At the offshore facilities, off‑gas (gathered from the produced oil) is collected to be transported to the main land.


For this Eltacon supplies six (6) gas booster compressor units that compress the off‑gas from almost atmospheric pressure to the required pipeline pressure of 10 bara.

All packages include an E‑motor driven oil‑injected screw‑compressor as well as an air‑cooled lube‑oil cooler and an air‑cooled gas‑cooler.


For this application the client has chosen Eltacon screw compressors as this type of equipment has long maintenance intervals (so less downtime), resulting in an uninterrupted transportation of the off‑gas.


Upstream the gas booster compressors there is a liquid and sand separator and gas receiving station to remove all impurities from the gas and to cope with condensate or water slugs.


After engineering, fabrication and assembly, Eltacon equipment is always functionally tested at the workshop.

To reduce the on‑site commissioning period, an additional full running test on air has been performed at the Eltacon facilities.

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