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Eltacon Engineering B.V. has developed products and services to adopt customers’ concerns during commissioning, start-up and operation of equipment.
Technical modifications or operational adjustments caused by changes in operating philosophy or related to changes in (local) regulations can be covered in a contractual relation with Eltacon.

Eltacon has field supervisors and commissioning engineers available who will come to purchasers shop or job site to provide consultation and technical support.


On-site Assistance

Eltacon Engineering B.V. has site services available to assist customers during installation, start-up & operation.


Commissioning and Start-up

Our service engineers are worldwide available to perform commissioning and start-up of all packaged units.

In nearly all cases, the engineers have been present during the construction phase and the final witnessed acceptance test at our works and will therefore arrive at site with full knowledge of the installation.

Commissioning and start-up will be carried out as per instructions in the package operating and maintenance manual.


Maintenance and Repair

Eltacon’s maintenance and service department is available for any question or service request.

We can provide you with preventive and periodical maintenance service, alignment control, instrument calibration, on-site repair and modification.

These services are available on a case-to-case basis or as part of a service contract.

In case repair activities cannot be performed on site, the repair can be executed in our own workshop.


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