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Traditionally, gas vapours produced during oil drilling have been either vented or flared. Eltacon has developed a gas compression unit to re-use these valuable, rich vapours and meet increasingly strict environmental regulations.


Using oil-injected screw compression and upstream fuel gas treatment the unit will boost the pressure up to a usable or transferable pressure. The boosted gas can be transported and/or re-injected in gas engines or gas turbines.

Main features of the compressor unit:

  • Electrically motor driven system, installed power up to 1MW
  • Attached control room or separately placed control panels
  • Instrumentation for remote monitoring
  • Upstream gas cooling system if required
  • Upstream condensate filtration
  • Inlet pressures from 2 barg down to atmospheric pressures
  • Discharge pressure of the unit up to 16 barg
  • Flow capacity from up to 100.000 Nm3/d


The unit is designed for on- and offshore applications.



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