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Gas Compression can be used for a variety of applications.

Working together with several bare compressor suppliers enables Eltacon to deliver gas compression solutions for each type of application.


Using oil injected screw compressors the installation space and costs are confined to a minimum. The low vibration of the unit and low maintenance costs are advantages applicable to all solutions.


The “typical” gas compressor range of Eltacon:

  • Gas inlet between 1 bara and 40 bara (15 psia and 600 psia)
  • Gas discharge pressures up to 60 bara (900 psia)
  • Pressure ratio from a minimum of 1,2 up to approx. 22 (pending composition of gas)
  • Minimum “swept” volume approx. 6.000 am3/h
  • Installed motor power from ≈ 500 up to 3.500 kW
  • Capacity control by means of sliding-valve and/or frequency-convertor (small models)




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