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Compressor units and treatment systems for decarbonizing power supply in Germany

Eltacon delivered the natural gas compressor units and downstream gas and hydrogen treatment systems to supply the conditioned fuel to the turbines.   To be independent of the existing coal fired power plants, a new natural gas (and in the future hydrogen) power plant with combined heat and power technology will be used for electricity and district heat for the city of Leipzig.   The compressor units will boost the pressure up to the required conditions of the SGT’s. A Read more »

Natural Gas Conditioning Stations for Germany

Eltacon engineered and manufactured three natural gas stations for Germany, designed and build according to the European regulations.   The three natural gas conditioning stations are installed to supply natural gas to gas turbines with HRSG boilers at a powerplant in Germany. The natural gas is filtered, heated, the flow rates are measured and the gas pressure is reduced to the correct pressures for the consumers.   At first the gas is cleaned by a common 2×100% two stage filter/separators, Read more »

Onshore gas booster compressor for barge-mounted power plant.

The Eltacon compressor unit provides fuel gas to the Estrella del Mar III project, which features a 145MW combined cycle power plant.   The SeaFloat barge-mounted power plant contains of 2x SGT-800 gas turbines (and a SST-600 steam turbine) and provides a mobile and flexible delivery of power at high efficiency in the Dominican Republic. The fuel gas will be provided from onshore LNG facilities. The current pressure is not sufficient for the barge and therefore requires additional gas boosting. Read more »

Gas Treatment for a CHP facility at a paper mill in the UK.

For the Combined Heat and Power facility Eltacon Engineering BV delivers several gas treatment packages for installation upstream an SGT-800 Gas Turbine.   The gas turbine will deliver heat and power to the paper mill facility with a total electrical capacity of 75 megawatt. To operate the turbine in a correct, trouble free and high efficient way the upstream gas treatment systems from Eltacon are used to prepare the gas accordingly.   From the local grid, the fuel gas reaches Read more »

Gas Treatment System for Kazakhstan.

Eltacon delivered a Gas Treatment System for Kazakhstan, suitable for cold environment and including TR CU certification   For gas treatment upstream two SGT-600’s, Eltacon manufactured complete units with gas filtration, electrical gas heating and pressure reduction with accumulator vessel. The skid based units are suitable for cold environments down to -38°C and are delivered with heat tracing, insulation, heated instrument enclosures as well as a weather protection roof.   The gas is filtered using a dual stage filtration system. Read more »

Fuel Gas Mixing Systems for LNG application in Russia

Eltacon engineered and manufactured two Fuel Gas Mixing Systems (FGMS) for the Vysotsk LNG plant in the Leningrad Region in Russia.   Each FGMS is used for gas treatment upstream a gas turbine. These turbines run on a mixture of three gases. Heavy Hydrocarbons removed during LNG production and Boil-Off Gas from LNG storage are mixed with the Natural Gas supply in order to increase the overall plant efficiency. The gas flow in each of the three feed lines can Read more »

Natural Gas Conditioning Station for Germany

Eltacon engineered and manufactured a natural gas station for installation in Germany, designed and build according to the European regulations.   The natural gas conditioning station is installed at a power plant, upstream of a gas turbine. The gas is filtered, measured, heated and reduced to the correct pressure. Heating of the gas is done with steam in a double tube safety heat exchanger. During  start-up of the combined cycle gas turbine the gas is pre-heated with an electrical heater. Read more »

New Mobile Wellhead Compressor in the Netherlands

In order to extend the lifetime of a “nearly depleted” gas well, Eltacon has delivered a Mobile WellHead Compressor.   The MWHC will boost the gas coming from the well to a suitable pressure for transportation and further processing. Using an oil injected screw compressor with a “wide range” capacity control, the package is suitable for lowering the well pressure down to 1 barg and therefore extending the total lifetime of the well. After depletion, the unit can be moved Read more »

Off-gas compressor for German offshore oil platform.

While drilling for oil, accumulated off-gas from the oil condensate is generally flared. Using an Eltacon off-gas compressor enables to re-use this gas for other applications, herewith reducing the impact on the environment.   For an offshore oil platform in the North-sea on the German coast Eltacon has supplied an off-gas booster compressor. The unit includes pre-filtration of the gas to eliminate free water from the low pressure gas feed line. After compression the gas is cooled to eliminate condensated Read more »

Eltacon Engineering B.V. delivered two Fuel Gas Treatment Units for a project in Alberta, Canada.

Each Fuel Gas Treatment Unit will be installed upstream a Siemens SGT-800 gas turbine.   To ensure the fuel gas does not contain any moisture the units have two combined knock-out & coalescing filter vessels installed in 2x 100% configuration. This 2x 100% configuration allows for continued operation in case of maintenance work. Switching between the operational and standby vessel can be done automatically by using the actuated isolation valves. Any moisture and condensate collected in the vessels will be Read more »