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Eltacon is a reliable partner for its customers and stakeholders. Customer specific designs, quick response, effective and efficient installations utilizing the best available techniques are of added value to customers. Apart from the main business objective – continuity – there is a focus on customer needs and satisfaction, legal compliance and continuous improvements. Important factors that we address specifically are Safety & Health and Environment & Quality (SHE&Q).

In order to establish the SHE&Q policy, standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS-18001 are adopted and we have combined these requirements/tools in an integrated management system. Furthermore legal obligations are included in our management system.

With the implementation of a quality management system according ISO-9001 the goal is to achieve the highest quality level reasonable possible for our products and services in a transparent organization.

In general the quality policy is focused on customer needs and satisfaction. In addition to that Eltacon strives for a healthy and safe environment for her stakeholders, personnel, personnel of companies acting on behalf of Eltacon, the local population, the customers and the community. Therefore we strive to prevent environmental pollution. A systematic approach ensures a good quality of delivered products (e.g. by means of preventative actions). Our work is done in an efficient way without the need of remedial actions with a minimum effect on the environment.

As a result Eltacon is an organization where people enjoy to work, the need for corrective actions is minimal and a continuous improvement of all production processes is achieved.

Starting-points of this approach are:

  • health and safety are priority during every operation;
  • focus on prevention of accidents, personnel injuries, illness, and work absence a well as negative environmental impacts;
  • pointing out improper behaviour to each other;
  • stimulating openness amongst personnel and their contribution to positive improvements;
  • being aware our company exists thanks to satisfied customers;
  • meet and act on statutory and regulatory requirements;
  • focus specifically on energy consumption and material application in our design;
  • encourage main subcontractors to adopt Eltacon’s SHE&Q standards;
  • strive to continuously improve safety, health, environment and quality performance.

By implementing the SHE&Q policy behaviour based safety is adopted and stimulated. This is important for people working in shops or out in the field and Eltacon staff has a great contribution in the successful implementation of this policy.

This policy will be implemented within the organization by means of written procedures, instructions and documents and made available on the computer network for all Eltacon employees.

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